So Many Stars

John Moriarty Trio Featuring Bonet - So Many Stars - Cover Image

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Produced by John Moriarty Productions
Engineered by Cookie Marenco
Recorded at OTR Studios,
Belmont, CA
Released 1995

Photography by Erik Ostling Photography

John Moriarty: Piano
Jim Kerwin: Bass
Bonet Moriarty: Vocals

Prepare to be amazed in listening to this recording of the John Moriarty Trio. "So Many Stars", featuring Bonet Moriarty, is likely one of the most spectacularly dynamic vocal recordings you will ever hear. Reminiscent of a Whitney Houston or Eva Cassidy, Bonet's soaring vocals were recorded live with only one or two takes. 'My Funny Valentine” and “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’ will penetrate your heart and soul! John Moriarty (piano) and Jim Kerwin (bass) fill out the trio with their fine performances.

"This album was recorded almost 20 years ago and it is just as fresh today. Bonet's dynamics and vocal control show an artist at the top of her game." -- Cookie Marenco, engineer

The album was originally recorded to 2" tape and recently remixed to DSD128 for release in DSD, Double DSD, 9624 and 44.1.